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Breaking The Chains

The most important thing
We can teach our children
Is to Know Their Own Worth
We advise our children to be good
At school
In Church
Or to be good In front of…
Police Officers
And Aunts and Uncles they have never met
But how many times do we encourage the thought that says
THEY do not give you worth
THEY should not be put in a position…
That causes US to look differently at ourselves
And yet, we still do
And as adults…
When you didn’t realize ur worth as a child
It gets confusing…
We constantly seek that pat on the back
Even from a business that only gives u a fraction
Of your worth…as you create its products
Or promote its services
We constantly seek acknowledgement
From an entertainment industry…
That finds its entertainment…
In our misery…
And we seek fairness in a government
That does not run on the premise
Or Respect…
All this to say…
If our children can not self sustain
If they never learn that THEIR judgement
Is more important…
Than their popularity
If our children never learn the idea that
They will always be seeking something that cannot be found…
Only sought…
Bc it is the journey which teaches us the most important lessons
When we seek to be accepted…
We are doing something similar to
Looking into our own mirror
Seeking to find someone else’s reflection
Embrace Who You Are…
I Love You



Happy Birthday

For all that you taght me
On all that I know
After all this time
My love for you grows
And while tears still find me
And catch me off guard
I know you are still with me
But sometimes it’s so hard
That incredible laugh
Those amazing blue eyes…
Which pulled me into your soul
Leaving me hypnotized
I feel you all around me
In everyone that I meet
In the water I drink
In the food that I eat
You taught me to be strong
Your courage so astounding
But I’m more thankful than sad
No matter how this is sounding
I am with you forever
Our eternal bond complete
U were the most amazing being
That I would ever meet
Today I celebrate your life
In a small tribute to
My sister…my love…
Happy Birthday to youGirl-on-the-Bench-Digital-Art-HD-wallpaper



Too often the abused
Become the abusers
Carrying negatively charged energy
And releasing it on those
Who really love us
Our children
Our family
Our significant other…
Don’t just understand what we are doing
But understand that the reason it is
Rearing its ugly head
Is because we tried so diligently
To move beyond the abuse…
That we didn’t ;learn from it…
Its all a lesson…
Take a moment
During your clarified understanding today
Don’t think with emotion but logic
Why is this happening?
Remember once you know why
You can once again…
Move forward…
With clarity and reason…
You have this…

Happy Mother’s Day


When they ask

What would you like for Mother’s Day

My answer never deviates

For Mother’s Day I would like

Limitless hugs and kisses

I would like to hear about your day

I would like you to finally realize

That my love for you

Knows NO boundaries

I love and stand beside you


I celebrate you

On Mother’s Day

For you are the gauge

By which my success is judged

SO when I am asked what I want…

I am being 100% honest when I reply

You …


You…give me all I need every day

So while mom’s every where

Are celebrating tomorrow…

Me and mine…

We celebrate every day

As a mom I want to say

Thank You

You have always given more to me

Than I could ever give back

And I am full of thanks…

For this experience of motherhood…

Gives GOD energy…



Understand This…

Understand This…

Life has lessons to teach us
There are truths that we must learn
Some of these lessons will be very difficult
They will make us uncomfortable
They will challenge our will
It will seem to break your heart
It will make music sad to you
While still making you laugh…
Become patient with the lessons
You need to know them…
Life is not working against you
But only LIFE knows
What we NEED to know
Before we are able to move forward
Use your calm…
Loving energy…
And embrace the message…
Whatever your may be…
Understand this…

It Is You

We were born knowing exactly who we are.

Our entire life and existence was laid out before us

But from the moment we took our first breath

We have been lied to



In fact, our entire lives

Have been creatively constructed

To manipulate and control

Each, and every one of us

Our thoughts have been twisted

Our souls have been tempted

We have eaten every morsel

We have digested someone else’s truth

About who and what we are

Then we stand around with our hands in the air

Wondering why our sons and daughters

Are committing suicide?

They are ingesting the lies…

The lies which tell us that we are…

Not good enough

Not smart enough





Instead I suggest one concept…


Talk to your ancestors…

Through your daily ups and downs…

Ask for guidance through humility…

It’s okay to not have all the answers…

It leads to growth…

It’s okay to feel defeated…

As long as you realize…

You haven’t been defeated

These are the moments

You have been waiting for

Worry less about who you HAVE

And spend more time realizing…

How great you really are

Independent of anyone or anything else

Embrace the thought that

You Alone Are Enough…

And stop thinking of it as a punishment

The world isn’t out to get you…





To all the beautiful people
Remember that today is tomorrows memory
Remember that even the darkness needs the LIGHT to exist
Remember that once someone had to be patient with you
That love is not a thing u do…but WHO u are
Remember that instead of seeking that perfect mate
Everything and everyone is not for you…
And that is okay
Love with your whole heart
You will never be disappointed
Love never fails…
Failure is an illusion
You have already won
The only war that you are fighting is against yourself
Choose YOU
Remember that our Creator would not create you…
With the intention for you to lose
But I will remind you that when we see negative things in others
It is only because we see them in ourselves
People are a mere reflection of how u really see yourself
There will be those who will constantly test you…
That’s okay
It will only make you better
Understand that the light which shines on your face…
With all its warmth and love
Actually came from inside yourself
And always…in all ways KNOW
And I appreciate you all…

​We spend so much of our lives waiting…

Waiting for Mr Mrs Right

Waiting for a promotion

Waiting for our ship to come in

Waiting for the weekend

Waiting for vacation…

How great would it be

If we could find TRUE pleasure in our everyday lives

Find that thing that we can be happy about

Find what moves us daily

Find that the love we have been waiting for

Has always been with us

Find that WE are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow



Accept That…





Ladies…its time to be angry
Men all over FB just logged off…lol
But seriously…
Anger is evoked by true strong emotions
We sit by and talk about everything…
And nothing at all…
We will talk about our sisters hair, nails
That outfit that…
She knew she had no business wearing…lol
And yet NOTHING is said…
IN order to change something…
You must accept it
This is the first step toward humility…
WE are being played…
WE are being used…
Not by the men in our lives…
We are being used by a system…
Which is separating us from our DIVINE RIGHTS
You see it is stripping us of our loving tendencies…
This system says…You don’t need him…
You can do bad all by yourself
I can be both mommy AND DADDY
And to help you out in case you get stuck…
There are these great little programs to help you…
The truth is…
Those little programs…are the noose around our necks
Too many times we will turn away from the men in our families…
Im not talking about Joe Trick from down the block…lol
But the REAL men our lives….
And we will turn away from him because
He isn’t educated enough
…even though we are learning that our “Education” is filled with lies
He isn’t working enough
He doesn’t have a good car
The list tends to go on and on…
Relationships do not JUST happen
No one wakes up and just has a dream come true (usually)
We have to work for and toward these goals
We should be angry….
Because we know better than this…
YOU are the foundation in your family
YOU set the tone for your life
YOU balance his energy…
Be angry…
But if you waste that anger on
Who did what to whom
Who owes YOU
You are wasting your energy…
Get angry
The very system which has created these little programs to HELP you…
Also says…
If YOU are raped…
This system says it is
How do you like big brother now?
We are getting ready to show you how very beautiful
ANGRY WOMEN can look…
Because You understand…
WE are (NineTribe)
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***I am not trying to trigger anyone….

I have been on a few posts about Rape…
There is a very naive part of myself which says…
Everyone knows that rape is a crime…
But what has been demonstrated to me is much more harsh
Rape is not an instance…
It does not just happen
You were selected
It was narrowed down…
That YOU
Do not get a choice…
Rape is agonizing
It can destroy your soul
It can create wide awake nightmares
You hear sounds from behind a bush
You hear hushed voices down an isolated alley
You hear your inner voice screaming
It is not just 20 minutes in time, you see
Its every moment in every day that will come thereafter
It is not how many drinks
Or how many times she said no
It is not that sexy dress
Or those “She asked for it stilettos”
Because you see…
Once you become another persons PREY…
You will begin second guessing yourself
Did I say NO loud and often enough?
Did I REALLY want sex?
Was I teasing him?

Understand my good friends and family…
Rape never stops…
It is never a single act…
It is a train wreck that happens over and over again…
So until we STOP blaming the survivors….
Be they grown men and women or children…
We will always ONLY be representing the CRIMINALS

Please today…choose to do something different…

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