How often do we tip toe through life…afraid of our own shadow, because we are filled with anxiety or fear of the unknown. Or perhaps, we have experienced negativity and have felt its sharp edges deep within us. So we try and not cause waves or draw undue attention to ourselves…believing that if we can walk through life not touching, or being touched by others…that we will be okay. I can remember doing that myself…and it was true I avoided conflict; but I also avoided life.

  There are times in life when excruciatingly painful things will happen…they may seem gut-wrenching and unfair outcomes to a situation that you didn’t ask for to begin with. But if you are patient and see the situation for what it is and not for the emotions it stirs in you…you will see that these experiences helped you tap into your true strength, your heart and soul. Often times it is true that we do not know our own strength until being strong is the only choice we have.

  We cannot walk through life afraid of changing lanes…just as we shouldn’t weave in and out of traffic. We were intended to rub elbows with adversity…it challenges us…it gives us goals that we must stretch to reach for. We are supposed to touch the lives of others…just as they are supposed to touch us. We learn nothing by sitting silently in a corner. We are supposed to challenge ourselves…and therefore challenge those around us.

  Everything happens for a reason…love, luck, illness, pain…they are only here to test the limits of our souls. We might ask what reasoning is there behind loving someone and only experiencing pain, heartache, or betrayal. Well, this is our Creators way of showing us what we don’t need. We often must experience these feelings to remind us that we should be cautious of those who we entrust our hearts with…as long as we also understand that we were created to love one another. Behind every heart break is a learning experience…if you are open to the lesson.

  I am not suggesting that abusive relationships are what God wants for us…but even in that…seek the lesson. I have experienced the pain of abuse, on all levels, and at the time I did not understand what I could have done to deserve it. The truth is NO ONE deserves that pain…but the lesson is still there, once you get past the emotions. It gives you the tools you may need in order to avoid other abusive relationships. Speaking for myself only, it helped my internal alarm go off when I heard certain key phrases or when I saw behavior that could be deemed controlling. I became pro-active in noticing people with aggressive tendencies…even in jest. And as a woman, it has helped me arm my daughter with those same tools… hopefully, she will not need the experiences that I had to endure…in order to learn the lesson. 

  Believe in yourself…listen to your inner voices…it’s God’s way of leading you down the straight and narrow. I want to leave you with one last tidbit of information. When we become the example of life and not the casualty…our inner light shines the brightest.