Happy Birthday

When did I last say goodbye?

When did you last say my name?

 If I knew then what I know now…

What would I have changed?

 Would I have been less rushed?

 Would I have visited you more?

 Would I have held you close… like a secret…?

Only for me to know?

Would I have laughed with you more?

 And nagged a little less?

Would I have told you over and over?

 How your life made me feel blessed?

 Would I have had deeper talks?

About creation and our paths…

Would we have spent more time joking

 And letting the bad times pass?

 Would I have called you everyday?

Like I knew I always should…

As I watch my hands tremble…

Wishing now if I only could.

And I know I should try

To send you a smile…

For God lent me

HIS angel for a while.

 You let me borrow your shoulder

 When I needed my very best friend…

Showing me that I wouldn’t break,

 But it was okay to bend.

 You wrapped me in your love

 In your own Melissa way…

And showed me it may look bleak…

But I would be okay.

 You never let me give up on me

 Or on my GOD…

Saying”the stars are your compass…

Your pen is your rod”.

 You armed me for battle

And when the war began…

You stood right there beside me

 Where you had always been.

 Thank you for never… doubting the belief

 That I would love you forever…

But forever was too brief.

 So on your birthday

 I wanted you to see…

I will love you to the end,

 And thanks for the memory.

**I don’t normally write poetry…and this one came to me when I was having a hard time trying to cope with the birthday of my sister, who past away this year.

I wanted to share it with “Hedgewitch” Joy Ann Jones and everyone at http://dversepoets.com/ Thank You