Everything I needed to know about life I learned when I was 5 years old. I learned that I would not always get what I wanted, even if the people in my life wanted me to have it.

  I learned the only thing to fear in the dark was my own imagination…because when the lights were turned on …it really was just a jacket hanging on a coat rack. Closet monsters amazingly had become me… forgetting to close the closet door before I lay down. The creepy things outside really were only branches scraping against my window.

   I learned that people die, and that even though we may be sad for a moment…we should be thankful,  for their final destination would be their greatest reward. I learned that people come in and out of our lives, for a reason. And we should be thankful for the experience…and hold on to the memories we were allowed to have.

  I learned that loving someone could be as simple as a hello, and I never had to worry that it would not be enough. I learned that some people had more or less than I had. I was taught that we all have our own individual paths…and even though it may seem unfair that others seem to have it easier than most…that wasn’t necessarily true. I learned that God loves us all, no matter what our circumstance…but would lovingly hold us accountable for our actions.

   I learned that a simple prayer would ease my mind, and all I had to do was decide to do it. I learned that sometimes the most important things I had to learn could be the most painful. But I was taught to get up…brush myself off and try again. I learned that just because one door might not open to me, not to be discouraged…because I wasn’t supposed to go there anyway.

   The most important lesson I learned was to give my frustrations to God. There was no problem that HE didn’t have the answer to, and even though the solution may not have been what I wanted it to be…later in life it would make sense.


   What changed; my emotions began to form and I concentrated on those rather than the message I had learned early in life. People in my life died…and the pain of that experience was very real to me. And although I knew they were in a better place…I felt cheated. I forgot that the moments I had with them while they were here…those were God’s gifts to me. God loved me so well that he brought them into my life…so their passing was not to cause me pain…it was Gods way to help me hold on to who they helped me become.

   Emotions are hard, they are a way we can express how we feel, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, and love…but they don’t have to be everything. I have found that when we allow our emotions to become everything…we miss the larger picture and the REAL lesson.

   Even as an adult…I have feared the darkness and closet monsters. But I came to the realization that those things are only what I allow them to be. If I open myself up to negativity and darkness…it will thrive. However, when I started closing windows and doors to the shadows…they disappear. Have you ever tried to touch a shadow? It’s only an image…and as quickly as it entered…it can leave just as fast…it’s all up to us. This, too, is God’s way of showing us our path.

   As an adult, I learned that loving the way I do, may not be enough to some people…but that doesn’t mean I need to change it. Love is not possession…it is the free flowing energy that surrounds us all…it is what we were created from. Loving is natural…it’s why we feel good when we are doing it. Once we realize that we don’t have to be everything to everyone…real growth will occur. Even in writing this I am showing you how much I love you. I am expressing to you how much God loves you…which allows me to love you as well.

   The hardest thing to do as an adult is to give our problems, situations and frustrations to God. It is hard because it means we have to stop trying to fix it. We have to allow God to do His work…and when we are really able to do that…everything will be lighter. We, as humans, are always trying to fix things…forgetting we have no power. All we HAVE to do is follow Gods lead…everything will become clear. Sometimes we just have to take a step back to see what needs to be done.

   What I have had to learn lately is forgiveness, not for others but for myself. I have to forgive myself for my transgressions, and acknowledge the lesson that God sent me by allowing the transgression to begin with.

   What is the solution to the problem in all of this? Walk through life with the intelligence of an adult and the heart of a child…because children love freely without fear or doubt. …………………………….