And God Cried


     I have been thinking a lot about what happened, in the United States, on September 11, 2001. I actually listened to a song that had been re-mixed with a speech given by, then, President Bush. There were also cut INS where reporters were reporting the traumatic event…the shock in their voices spoke in volumes. The song also showcased onlookers screaming and trying to explain what was happening. I heard jets flying low and then a crash into the building…emergency vehicles…and panic in the air. I spent a lot of time recollecting what happened that day. Yes…our World Trade Center was destroyed when Flights 11 and 175 crashed into the towers, killing over 2700 people…another commercial flight, Flight 77, crashed into the Pentagon killing 189 people and Flight 93 crashed into a Pennsylvania field, killing 40 people. That day seemed to go on forever, probably the first time we, as a country, had felt vulnerable since the attack on Pearl Harbor. It felt like my heart was breaking every time I heard it…and yet every time…I couldn’t stop listening. How could this have happened in our own backyard? I listened to our nations President giving a speech, to try and make us, as citizens, feel comforted. Never, in my life, had I ever experienced 102 minutes of terror, until that day.

 I had never experienced anything, in 102 minutes, which would cause so many people…basically good people…to hate. In the Presidents speech he said that the attack was meant to “frighten our nation into chaos and retreat”, and he added “but they have failed”. But, did they fail? Of course, on that day…we tried to comfort each other, but how long did that last? Did they fail to make us start looking at each other differently? Did they fail to cause us to take a closer look at what a REAL AMERICAN looked like, or decide how they should sound? Did they fail to cause us to forget that we were supposed to love each other, even amidst chaos and confusion? Did they fail to cause us to isolate people based on race or religion? Did they fail to bring out the very worst in our nature? I don’t think they failed at all. I think they accomplished what they set out to do. I suppose, it is fair to say that fear was a natural response.  But it did not bring out the “very best in all Americans”, as Mr. Bush stated. It did, however bring out our very lowest in human nature. It was devastating…the loss of almost 3000 lives…friends, neighbors, family…in only 102 minutes. I heard some one say once…God cried on that day. And we all seemed to rally around that thought. It gave us hope, I guess, to think that God was displeased with this despicable act of violence against the United States.

  But it got me to thinking about something else…is God just as displeased with all of the lost lives in Afghanistan and Iraq? Does God shed tears for them also? It can’t be disputed or even denied that given the statistics that are printed in English in those areas that hundreds of thousands of those countries citizens have died in the war in Afghanistan.  I guess it is hard for us to have compassion for those individuals, even though the majorities are civilians, since it is a war that the United States is involved in.

  It saddens me to know that under pressure…we turn our back on people…from all walks of life. I have seen people be extremely caring and loving to people in crisis situations, under many dire circumstances. So it makes me sad to sit and watch those same people place judgment on others. But I have watched it…news reporters, YouTube videos, blogs, music, movies, basically coming from all forms of communication…telling us why we should hate. So, as I often do, I looked into MY reference books…the Bible, Quran and the Torah…looking for information telling me how to hate. I came up with nothing.

  The events on that fateful day in September were awful indications of the state our world is in. But please understand it was a statement; there are people all over this earth…whose daily lives, are exactly like that. It was 102 minutes for the United States, but it can be, and is a lot of the time, all day for other people. Just think about it for a moment…close your eyes, and remember the panic that day…for most Americans, it’s a day we won’t forget. And then imagine that every day is like that. It can be hard to imagine, because we don’t have to see it. Even if we are aware of the situation, a lot of the time if we don’t experience it, we can disconnect from it. After all who really wants to think about starving children in Africa? Who wants to think about millions of people dying as a result of war? To be honest, I don’t even want to think about it; however NOT thinking about it…does not make it go away.

  What if the day the World Trade Center fell…was a way of waking us up to the condition of our world? It isn’t like famine and violence is a new concept. But instead of us becoming aware of the condition of our world…we just started hating…the very citizens of this country. We decided that we could no longer trust any Americans that looked a little different. We began eyeing people that looked Middle Eastern…suspiciously. We no longer felt comfortable around women who covered there heads, out of religious practice. We stopped feeling safe in grocery stores, at ball games, or in places of business…if people spoke with an accent. Instead of being understanding and loving to Gods creatures…we hated them. We made them feel uncomfortable, unwanted. We forgot that these people were our friends, neighbors…our fellow countrymen. Perhaps we should try and define a REAL AMERICAN…because this country is nothing but a melting pot of immigrants. There are millions of people who are considered citizens of this country, and we do not look alike…we all do not have the same faith…we do not dress the same or sound the same. We do not all have the same educational background, or social status. But we are still considered Americans.

  More importantly than any of this…we are supposed to love EVERYONE. I understand that, at times, it is hard to love every single person…but the thing is…THAT is our purpose. We are supposed to reflect God’s love on everyone…there is no amendment to that statement. If we were to constantly treat everyone the way they treat us…chances are we would never stop being at war. But it only takes one person to stand up and say…NO MORE. I know it is not easy to go against the grain, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. If you go to someone with God’s pure love…no matter how they respond…you did what God expected of you. But if we shake fists instead of shaking hands…we are failing God, no question about it.

 Now is the hard part, because you have to choose between love and hate. You have to decide whether you are going to bask in the light of God…or in the ignorance of negativity. If it makes it easier think about it in third person…how would you want someone to treat your children? Remember the children are watching our actions…what do you want them to emulate?


 As a small footnote, I am compelled to add a few comments. I love my country. I am not anti-American…however, like it or not…I AM PRO-WORLD. We only have one world…and we are in the unique position to make smart decisions. I know it seems like it is difficult to make a difference in lands so far away, but it really isn’t. We just have to start being loving to everyone we come into contact with. Remember…race, religion, nor geographic locales cause wars…PEOPLE DO.

 You can start today…don’t believe things people say …just because they seem knowledgeable…ask questions. Do research…from many sources, I’m not even asking you to believe me…look it up. Take charge of your minds…and open your hearts. It doesn’t have to be US against THEM…because, guess what? WE are THEM.