Bent But Not Broken

  I can recall having conversations with people where the language or tone that they used seemed to hang in the air…like jagged glass. You could almost feel yourself ducking and diving from the impending injury that the words were intended to cause. There are certain words…demeaning…insulting…degrading words that are used like weapons. And there is no mistaking that these weapons are intended to destroy. They may not destroy us, in the literal sense, but they can chip a way at our inner being. Unfortunately what tends to happen is that we direct our anger or frustration of these words, comments or conversations on unsuspecting individuals, who are undeserving of such treatment. This like most things can be a vicious cycle.

  People can impede our progress by creating a wave of negativity which can become extremely destructive…to us or others. When such things are said to us…it is similar to inhaling small doses of poison over an extended period of time. The primary use of any poison is to kill. Verbal poison does not only make us feel bad, but can literally destroy our spirit. I can think of no reason that such behavior should be acceptable. It is only our loving nature that allows us to sit still when others say things that are obviously malicious in intent.

  To say that it is anything other than our good nature that allows us to participate…actively or inactively…in such conversations…would mean that our intent was also poisonous in nature. It is not…no matter what anyone may contend…our nature to be destructive to one another. We have simply for gotten the other part of us. We have forgotten how good it feels when someone is saying nice, kind and loving things to us. If you ever want to test the theory…hold a door open to a stranger…look at the response. Loving behavior begets loving responses.

  I am not suggesting that you hand out money on a street corner…but I am saying use simple loving statements to people. A simple “thank you” and “Good Morning” statement can change the course of some one’s day. With this knowledge…it is also true that being intentionally rude or cruel to people also creates the same behavior. So now can we really sit and judge people for not being kind and good to each other without looking at ourselves and actions more carefully?

  I promise you, the next time someone tries to create a negative conversation with you…concerning you or another human being…if you walk away…they will eventually realize that the behavior is unacceptable to you. Not only this but, to engage in a negative conversation with anyone…just creates more negativity…poison. Walking away is a form of preserving our environment…ridding our atmosphere of hate pollution.

  Even walking away does not have to be negative…just politely let the speaker know that you don’t engage in gossip, or slanderous behavior. Perhaps you will help to show them that what they are doing is not productive. However, even if they do not see it that way…they will know where you stand as an individual.

  I think that we have all been victim of negativity…either directly or indirectly. So this next statement is very important to remember. You are bent…not broken. What does this mean? Simply put…some of the strongest materials have to bend to a forces that appears stronger than them …temporarily. Steel can bow to a stronger wind…an aged oak tree moves when the forces of nature will it to be so…but very seldom do they break. Have you ever thought that you couldn’t take any more…of whatever you are being faced with? Yet…here you are today…bent but not broken. You have learned and adapted. But please understand something…you were allowed to survive. Our Creator had bigger plans for you…and those plans did not include retaliation. We were meant to be forgiving…loving and peace minded souls. We were created to persevere. We will always come up against those who want to challenge our God-given nature. We will meet and be touched by those that only want to cause harm and hurt. But we control what effect they have within us. No one can disrupt my peace unless I allow it to happen. This is very important, because it is a public service announcement…you may throw me off balance…but I will steady myself and I will walk away unscathed…because I was created of peace.

  Everyday when I wake up…I have already decided who I am going to be that day. I have already decided that I am going to remain positive…in the wake of war. I have decided to be peaceful…while our world is killing just for the sake of the kill. I will be loving even in a world that hates just because of the tone of my skin. And I will stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves…because I am of God.

  Why is Bent but not Broken such an important statement to me? Well, it was a lesson my sister taught me a long time ago. And the lesson was simple…you may have bumps and bruises and even scars from life…but it didn’t kill you…you lived to tell the story. It is about giving thanks…divinely.