My World

  Today I want to extend an invitation to you…it is an all day pass to visit “My World”. Don’t worry everything that you will be needing in this 24 hour period will be provided for you. The only stipulation is that you have to leave behind all of your pre-conceived notions of what you think life is really about.

  The first thing that you will notice in my world is that everything is natural…the food tastes better…the air smells more clear…and your mind and body will begin to feel lighter. Do not be alarmed by these changes…these are just adjustments that you will feel when only the love and peace of our creator is free flowing around us. You will notice that the only sounds that you will hear are the birds singing and crickets chirping in the distance.

  When you walk with me we will watch as children are playing together…laughing and running. They aren’t calling each other insulting names or bullying each other…because in my world parents do not speak harshly of one another…so the children remain innocent.

  In my world when the television is turned on there is no bad or destructive news. There are no people protesting or rioting…because my world never got into the shape that your world did. In my world all people are treated fairly…regardless of what they look like, sound like, and no matter how or if the pray.

  In my world we will all sit together at one huge table. We will join hands and give thanks that we woke up today…and we were able to once again join hands…like the large family that we are. You will find skin tones of every hue and our hairstyles and textures will be varied. We will wear different types of clothing…all of which is acceptable…and peaceful. We will dine on foods from every corner of this beautiful earth…and everyday will try to eat something that we had never tried before. We will discuss our day and our plans for the future. We will laugh and sing and talk about our history.

  When we get done eating we will sit around a huge fire pit and talk to our children and listen to the elders tell stories of times past. Our children will ask us about a time when our world wasn’t such a beautiful place. They will ask if it was true that people were killed and maimed because of where they were from…or because of the color of their skin. The children will ask if there really was a time that we chased people out of nations because of their religious practices and beliefs.

  We will all get very quiet, so much so that the crackling of the fire would be the only sound you could hear. Then a soft older voice would say…”sadly, yes…that is so”. The elder would go on to tell the children of a time when we killed those that we could not communicate with…out of fear. He would go on to say that we chose to not only avoid…but banish entire groups of people…to places where they had very little hope of survival. A silent tear would roll down his cheek as he went on to say that we used war as a means of taking care of a problem…killing innocent men, women and children.

  Another elder man began where the other left off stating that when man was unsatisfied with destroying each other…he began destroying the earth. He said that man would dump trash and oil in our many oceans…where our creator placed aquatic beings…until they had a hard time surviving. Man did not even stop when huge whales would beach themselves onto the shores trying to get away from the trash in their homes…the oceans. And when this was not enough he took large ships and dumped oil into our waters…making complete cleanup virtually impossible. Man cut down our mighty forests…leaving animals and living organisms no where to live. He built sky scrapers and interstates…he tore down natural bridges and rock formations. He killed not only his own kind but the mighty animals that had roamed the earth for hundreds of years before him.

  He committed hate crimes…and hid himself behind a mask…sheet…or badge. People no longer felt safe…children cried. There was no place that any one or anything could hide. Man made excuses for wars…yet cried when they too, were attacked; never learning that any animal will turn on you when cornered.

  When asked the old man said, “Yes, the fighting finally stopped”. The fighting stopped when entire nations were destroyed…and bodies of the citizens were lying all around…in their homes…fields…streams. But the victors of this destruction…never found peace…for our creator was angered and as those people destroyed HIS earth and loved creatures…so HE destroyed them.

  One boy laughed…lightening the mood. “Wow, I’m glad it isn’t like that here”. And we all agreed in unison. What is this place anyway? This world is called Heaven.

  And I brought you here today to show you that you still have time to fix what you have broken. It is not too late for you to make amends. You get to go back to your world and make a difference. You can start loving each other right now. You can mend fences and tear down borders anytime you choose. You can decide to be proactive in your life and the lives of those around you. You can stand up…and after you do…others will stand up also. You can create peace starting in your own home…and then in your neighborhood. If everyone did that then there would never be a need for the tragic ending that will inevitably happen…given our current course.

  Understand that loving is our natural course…we decide to destroy. We decide to hate. Now you must decide…where do you stand?