Time…something we spend our whole entire lives talking about, wasting, spending, and running from…until essentially we have run out of it.

 We spend so many moments worrying about things that will never amount to anything. We worry about our physical appearance, our popularity, who has more (or less) than we do, we concern ourselves with who was right (or wrong) to justify why we should ignore ( or avoid) people…that we truly love and care about and in the mean time…the sands in the hour glass of our lives empties out.

 When our time on this Earth is through…what happens? Do we just fade off into nothingness? Do we levitate into the higher plane within our faith? Will we feel heat and scorching fire until we are turned to ash and the whole process starts over and over again? How did we spend our time here? Were we doing what our Creator had intended for us? Or did we waste time on trivial emotions, that road blocked us from our true higher purpose?

 Did anger, frustration, anxiety, and pride keep us from spending our time more wisely? We, after all, we cannot know how much time we have to live, in this life, as we know it. And yet, daily, we waste time and energy…by not spreading love and peace to everyone we come into contact with. Are we not thankful, when we are allowed to open our eyes and take a deep breath of each new day? And what does one do with themselves …when they wasted time not saying I love you to those we hold dearest…and their sand has run out? How do we reconcile that within ourselves? Those faithful will freely say, God is around us…like Angels…and spirits of those who have passed on; so it can be said that we can always say those things. But wouldn’t life have been so much simpler had we just said what was on our heart…and ignored all the negativity that kept us closed off? Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that we didn’t waste a moment in anger…and told the people we love…how important they are and would always be to us? What if your one kind statement would have eased the pain of another person? Wouldn’t then it have been worth biting our tongues?

 Can’t we see that love and peace can be passed on like an electrical current? Silently we can create a wave of love, understanding, respect, and joy that will result in inner peace. It only takes a minute to pick up a phone, or write a letter…these gestures can be monumental in re-establishing lines of communication with other beings…who, like us, just want to be loved. Can we afford to be nonchalant with our time? If we spent more time being focused on our true task, at hand, there would never be any room for regret.

 There are so many places that could use our time…and by doing so we could embrace each other, as Our Creator had intended. And for those who think they don’t know what they could do, it’s usually no further than your city. How many times have you sat around your home with “nothing to do”? Do you know how many volunteers it takes to run a soup kitchen? Or how many volunteers it would take to help with a shelter for battered and abused women and children? Have you ever taken the time to just listen to an elderly person while they sit on a park bench? Why do we not realize that in order to get to be elderly…we had to do something right? The elderly may have knowledge that can not be obtained in your public library. And it only takes a moment of your “time” to reap the rewards, of someone else’s history.

 We do not have a moment to waste…time waits for no one. Remember that the only thing worse than your sand running out without you finishing your job, while on Earth…is to let some one else’s sand run out before you allow them to touch your troubled heart.