For the Love of A Child


  Today is Universal Children’s Day. It is the official day when we are prompted to celebrate the children in our lives. We are to remind the children around us that they are far more important than they could conceivably imagine.

  How does one celebrate this auspicious occasion? We simply take time, and give time…to those little hearts and minds that we love so much. I know we can get busy…there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. But just like we re-arrange our lives for an impromptu conference or business meeting…we simply just need to pencil our children in. We need to take this day off. We need to center our day on the people that bring us joy, simply by smiling. We celebrate the fact that these little miracles…create GREAT joy.

  It isn’t necessary that we spend a month’s salary on this day either…because all they really want is our time. One afternoon walk with a child could right a lifetime of wrongs. Holding your son or daughter’s hand can be the most loving thing, and it only costs us our time. Touch can be the universal language…because children understand that feeling. Words can get lost in translation…we can say something and forget we said it. But touching someone’s hand or rubbing their soft cheek says…you matter to me.

  Create a family dinner together…allow your child to add ingredients in a bowl, or set a table. Make a menu that is kid friendly…incorporate your child’s ideas when planning your meal or dessert.

  Turn off your television, don’t go online…and silence your cell phone. Place any distractions out of your sight, all that matters today is being thankful and celebrating your child or the children in your lives.

  Listen to soft music, while finger painting or drawing with your child. Tell him or her about the things that you used to do as a child. Contrast the difference between life now and life then.

  Dig up old family photographs from when you were their age…talk about the different styles of clothes and hair. Create a family tree with pictures or memorabilia. Get a world map and talk about the places that you have been…and where your child might like to go. Create a “what if” vacation… see where your child’s imagination will take him or her. Write a story where he or she is the prince or princess. Make up a song telling about your day. Read a book that you read as a child. Tell them about the very first day that you laid eyes on them. Go to a museum, or art exhibit; simply enjoy the fact that today…you are blessed. You get to spend time with this sweet heart…you get to give thanks to God…by appreciating this gift of love.

  Why do we celebrate Universal Children’s Day? We celebrate this day because life can move very quickly. Often, we struggle to keep up with the fast pace of our lifestyles. Unfortunately, there are times when we fail to remind ourselves that the people that we love…are more important than any other person or situation in our lives. This is the world’s chance to embrace the love of a child. Children love freely, without reservation. Children never worry about loving too much or being loved too little. They are the semblance of innocence and purity…they are symbolic of all things great and small; true proof that big things come in little packages.

  I have never found anything as moving as the love of a child. There is little more peaceful than watching an infant napping. These small bundles of joy truly are angels on earth. They warm the coldest of hearts. I feel certain that was their purpose all along. Somehow the voice of a child can tame the savage beast. Most of the time our children are in awe of us, even when we feel that we aren’t exactly who we wish we were; children think we are great just because they love us. And because they love us…we are great. On this day we can enjoy the fact that we are viewed with rose colored glasses.

So on this day…join me in celebrating the lives of these tender warriors. Let us use these wonderful people as an excuse to love each other a little more.  And I pray that we will all make the world a safer more loving world; for who is more deserving of peace and joy than the world’s children.