Have you ever received a present and tried to return it? It wasn’t exactly what you wanted or even asked for. It wasn’t the right color or size; it wasn’t anything that you would have selected for yourself. Of course, we will smile and let the person who gave it to us know that we appreciated the thought. Have you ever tried to return that present? You have to give a viable reason as to why you don’t want the gift…and please don’t go without a receipt. Why is this task so difficult and often time consuming? I believe it is because there is a larger picture that we are being shown.

  The best gift I have ever received was when God sent me the true loves of my life. And even though it wasn’t what I thought I wanted or needed…in time I would come to realize that there was a higher power at work. I tried to return this gift many times…I was certain that there was some mistake. I appreciated the fact that I was given this blessing…but I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it. It would take time…but as soon as I stopped fighting against the blessing, once I just sat back and enjoyed the blessing I realized that it was exactly what I needed.

  There are those of us that have loved and lost…or at least it felt like we had lost. We may have felt like we had lost time or effort. Our hearts literally felt broken…and the pain ran deep within us. Once it happened we may have said something like…never again…next time I will know better; something to that effect. We will guard our hearts with the security of a military installation…careful to not allow our hearts to be infiltrated. Of course, the shame in this is that by avoiding the hearts of others…we cause our own hearts to grow cold. When we do this we lose the lesson that God was trying to teach us. We will miss an opportunity to live and learn…we miss the chance to increase our life span.

  Broken hearts can cause us to feel weak and fragile thing…like fine crystal; beautiful to look at with the light catching its every movement…yet can shatter so quickly. Have you ever had to try and repair broken glass or crystal?  One has to weigh their options…is attempting to repair what seems impossible…worth the risk of cutting ourselves? So like that broken crystal…we often just count our losses and attempted to move on. But what are we moving on to? Is there some destination that we are heading toward where we won’t need our hearts? Can we really get the most out of our existence here on earth by not allowing ourselves or others to be touched?

  What is our purpose? If God loves us so much why would he permit us to have such a painful experience? If God created us from love…why is my heart so broken? These are logical questions, and they deserve to be answered. My response is what I have always known…sometimes what we think that we need…we actually don’t. We are of the illusion that we know what it is that we need in our lives. True, after we have experienced other things we may be able to deduce what we don’t need. But that is just part of the equation.

  We do not have control and we are not aware of what our paths will become…only our Creator knows that. His will is the only constant that we can ever be sure of…and the will of God…will always be done. As long as we always keep our eyes on HIM…we will never again be lost. We are supposed to submit to the will of God…and anything we go through…will be the path that was chosen by HIM…for us.

  When we close down our hearts…we can not be doing what God expects of us. We all know people or have heard stories of people who have gone through horrific experiences.  But the love of our Creator will always carry us through. So to show us how much HE loves us…he will send us love.

  Occasionally, the love that we were sent does not look like anything that we had in mind for ourselves. But we must keep in mind that we do not know where our path will take us…only God does.

  Try to remember that our hearts are no more or less fragile than anyone else’s. And just as God is sending them to our hearts…HE is also sending us to theirs. These beautiful souls have also had their hearts broken…and we are being entrusted with them, as well.

  If we do not appreciate the gift of love…we may never complete our path. I can imagine nothing worse than living a life in vain. I do not know what God’s plan is for me…but I never question or dispute it. If I can not trust the Creator of all things great and small…then whom can I trust? If I can trust that the sun will also rise…as surely as it sets everyday…how can I doubt anything else?

  No one wants to hurt; I am no different than anyone else on that stance. But perhaps the pain that we feel is what is needed to move us to our true path. Who knows…perhaps this is what you to read this.

  If we all loved one another in the spirit in which God had selected for us…our lives would probably have much less drama and stress. Love replenished our souls. We grow the entire time we are doing it. I am going to love you, even if you think that you don’t need it. I am going to be here for you…as long as God wishes for it to be so.

  You are the gift from my Creator. I will never reject, deny, or decline it for any reason. If you only grace my life for a moment…it is in that moment that God needed you to be there. Value all life…love freely, in the way that God loves you. We must stand firm in the knowledge that with love…all things are possible.


~~ From my heart to yours