Today is WORLD AIDS AWARENESS DAY. It is sad to have to be made aware that this global problem has reached such epic heights that we have a day designated to shine light on this problem.

  In the United States 50,000 new HIV/AIDS cases are diagnosed every day. Yet while that staggering number continues to climb…our State and Federal governments choose to decrease funding…on this specific issue. This is a distressing truth. This figure is disturbing…but not half as alarming as the government making budget cuts in an area that is claiming the lives of 46-49 lives…in the United States alone…every single day.

  The stigma attached to this virus is baffling. There are actually people who still believe that HIV/AIDS only affects those in the homosexual or drug communities. However, regardless of that idea…it simply is not true.

  Let me not hesitate to begin by stating the obvious. No one, regardless of sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, race, religion, creed…or any other diversification…deserves to have their lives turned upside down by not only the illness of HIV/AIDS…but the stereotypical judgement by others. This disease does not discriminate. It affects men, women and children from all walks of life.

  We must begin the healing process by stepping above the limited thinking of our fellow man. Stereotyping people is a huge miscarriage of justice. There is no single characteristic that any one person has that can tell us everything that we need to know. And as long as we convince ourselves that it is an “us” against “them” situation…we are missing the lesson. The true reality of HIV/AIDS is that it could and probably will touch someone that we know and love. In a more raw truth, the chances of someone we are in contact with contracting and being diagnosed with this disease before the year is over…is quite possible.

  At this juncture, I am not concerned about where it started or who contracted it first.  When we spend time worrying about that…it only causes the finger to be pointed at people who are already dealing with enough. Our entire country has been infected with either the disease itself…or the stigma attached to it. This is a global epidemic.

  We must be smart. There are precautions that we all can take. We must use condoms, because sadly, there are husbands and wives who contract the disease through their spouses. We can not share needles, it is too dangerous. Ideally,  I would tell you to only have sex with your spouse…or at least with someone whose medical history you are aware of.  I would also say…just don’t use drugs. However, I realize that even it would be the safest thing…many won’t comply. So, I am asking you to please not walk through life blindly. Do not play Russian roulette with the life of you or anyone else. Get tested, and encourage other friends to get tested…knowledge is power. People that “appear” clean…can still be infected; life is short…lets not continue stacking the odds against ourselves. It is estimated that 17,000-18,000 United State’s citizens die every year dye to HIV/AIDS…that means that 46-49 people in the United States alone.

  In the meantime, I’m going to remind you to love each other. Show our fellow man that we that we value  him. Give love with everything that you say and do. Never encourage the hype that anyone deserves this, often, terminal disease. No one deserves to have there lives cut short in this manner.

  Today is WORLD AIDS AWARENESS DAY. Support those who have been forced to live with this life altering illness every day. Wear a red ribbon supporting our brothers and sisters. If you don’t have enough answers to your questions…ask. Love thy neighbor…simply by not casting him aside…it is the very least that we can do.

~~ From my heart to yours