If I had taken a picture
For every time you smiled
I would have a creation of love
That spanned across the miles

If I had known this small hand
Would give my heart wings
I would have held it more often
And forgotten lesser things

If I had imagined that there were angels
With silken flowing hair
That gave God’s love freely…
By simply breathing our air

I would have hugged you more often
And frowned so much less
I would have dipped your dreams in chocolate
In spite of the mess

I would have understood that smiles are hugs
We give our broken hearts
And it doesn’t matter when you finish…
Only that you start

I would have seen that life isn’t
Always what we thought
And our souls cannot be purchased
And God’s love cannot be bought

I would have lined your path with rainbows
And little pots of gold
And given you more love and peace
Than your little hands could hold

I will not feel bad
About the things that I regret
About all of the goals
That I have not met

Instead I will give you
All I have and hold dear
This is knowledge
That God led you here

So beautiful soul,
Wherever your heart lands
I want you to know
That I finally understand

God has no boundaries
And has no sense of time
But our few precious moments
Are priceless treasures of mine

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~~ From my heart to yours