Today is Human Rights Day. On this day we are supposed to remind each other that we all deserve the right to be treated fairly and justly. I guess the only way to do that is to remind each other that we treat each other unjustly and unfairly all too often. We have taken the rights and privileges of others and revoked them…as if we had given them these rights to begin with.

   After all, we didn’t give people the right to be who they are…we took that right away; and when that didn’t work we enslaved, tortured and maimed creatures of God. We shouldn’t expect acknowledgement for treating people with respect, we were supposed to do that. Should I thank someone for treating me kindly, in spite of the color of my skin or the origin of my culture? Should I be relieved if I am not attacked verbally or physically after others realize my religion is unlike theirs?

   I am always thankful when people treat others with peace and love, but not in spite of our differences…because of them. We were all created with the same concept…diversity is what connects us. We should never think that we are permitted to be unkind to other human beings, because they are different than we are. I know this can be a concept that many find hard to grasp, but we didn’t actually create anything.

   God/Allah uses us as vessels to show His love. We are permitted to give birth or participate in the lives of children. He allows us the opportunity to touch others and to have them touch us as well. It has never been written that tearing people down physically or emotionally is the will of God.

   On this day let is remind our selves that a geographic location does not tell all that there is to know. We are all of the same orientation…living beings created by that which has created us all…great and small. We are labors of love, and are supposed to convey that message to others. We don’t need praise for loving that which God loves. And sometimes we just need a friendly reminder…a memo, so to speak, refreshing our hearts. God created us from His divine love and continues to do so…even past our transgressions. God finds forgiveness…even in that which most would find unforgivable. It is that thought which gives me hope. It doesn’t give me a free pass to do whatever I may want…but it makes me aware that as long as I am trying to do the right thing…God will know it. God knows because the true intentions of our hearts are never hidden from anyone, but us.

   God’s journey for us is no secret, but we have to choose to know it. We have to own our actions and hold our selves accountable for those actions. We have to stop making excuses for our short comings. We all have them, and separating one another due to some trivial differences will always sell us short and we get exactly what we deserve when we sell our souls for the sake of a win.

   Love your fellow man today…regardless of race, religion, creed, geographic location or physical appearance. And I pray that past today we can love for the sake of doing what we were created to do. Use today as a building block not a stumbling block; but know that it is okay to stumble…as long as when you pick yourself up that you aren’t so mad about falling that you forget to keep moving forward.

  Let us live by one rule…the only rule which matters…love each other as God loves us. Shake hands, listen intently and embrace the differences that we were created with. That, my sisters and brothers…is the will of God.