Dear Santa, children will write you all over the world

 Telling you they have been good boys and girls


Asking for gifts as rewards for their deeds

Hoping you will fulfill all of their needs


Some will want cars and some will want trains

Some will want dolls and video games


They will hope you come through while they are sleeping

But I have a wish that I have been keeping


I don’t want a present wrapped and topped with a bow

Or battery operated toys that will stop and will go


My wish is for love for people one and all

No matter how short regardless of how tall


I want countries at war to lay down their arms

And learn to love each other and do no more harm


I want daddies and mommies to come home safe and sound

Placing smiles on faces that have only seen frowns


I want children without food to know what it’s like

To have their stomachs filled for more than one night


Santa I need patience…as I learn my way

And hope for tomorrow …as it’s a new day


I want forgiveness for those who haven’t been nice

Warm their hearts with joy and melt all the ice


Tell the people in foreign lands that they are our brothers

And we are now ready to start…loving each other


I know what I want won’t fit under a tree

It’s my hope for the future…for you and for me


Remind my fellow man the true intention of my heart

Maybe he will forgive me…and we can make a new start


So if you get a chance to read this letter

Tell God I promise next year we’ll do better



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