My Prayer


I pray that there

Will never come a day

When I will turn from you

 And walk away


I hope that we learn

From others mistakes

And keep striving forward

No matter how long it takes


I know that we can walk through life

Holding one another’s hands

Never judging or demeaning

Our fellow woman and man


I will open my heart

By closing all doubt

Sharing the love of God

Is what life is all about


Life is so fragile and

Sometimes far too brief

But we can rise above offenses

That are sometimes too steep


We can smile and create laughter

Among our family of God

Giving support and encouragement

With a smile and a nod


Love one another

Why is that too much to ask

When did kindness and peace

Become too much of a task


Cast aside the hate we have grown in our hearts

And realize our second nature is not war

Be kind to each other at any cost

Remember the reason we were brought here for


No executions or state sanctioned deaths

Are acceptable by His rules

Empathy, compassion, and understanding

Not guns …should be our only tools


Once we can embrace the essence of God

And His attributes so divine

There will be no question what we should do

In your heart or even in mine


So I wish you love and inner peace

That with which we were made

Love your fellow neighbor

As you love thy self…is the lesson for today


Pay close attention to the word of God

And not the will of man

Once you do this it will become clear

You will then understand


There is no deed too small

Or no person so meek

Who cannot make a change

To fix a world so bleak


Remember the depths of the largest ocean

Started with a small drop of water…until one day

The skies opened up and God started to shine

And He willed it to begin to rain


It only takes the will of one man

To create the change that we need

One foot in front of the other

Baby steps…begin to follow His heed


Much joy and kindness

May your blessings exceed your sweetest thought

Give thanks daily

And His will be done…not purchased and not bought


I leave you with my final note

My humblest prayer

When your neighbor reaches out for you

I pray that you are there