God Saw Us Through


As an old year passes

And a new is on its way

I wanted to give thanks

For paths I crossed along the way


It may not have been forever

But in my heart you will stay

Sometimes the largest blessings

Are found at the end of the day


Even though our encounters

May have seemed too brief

Your life is forever written

In my divine memory


Your loss may have caused tears

And your absence may make me sad

But I am thankful for the opportunity

To share the experiences we’ve had


When the New Years bell rings

And lovers embrace

Let us not forget

Those we met along the way


The people who touched us

By simply taking a breath

Never leaving our hearts

Through life…or through death


Let us rejoice in the feeling

That God saw us through

With love and understanding

In all we say and all we do


Falling to our knees

In our most humble of prayers

Asking for guidance

In everything and everywhere


May the New Year bring us

Joy and eternal peace

And guide us down His path

With love and with ease


Join me in wishing

To man and woman alike

Happy Holidays for all

And to all a good night


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