There is no specific formula

Or no particular clue

About the person I really am

And how it relates to you


The color of my hair

And the tint of my eyes

Can easily be changed

But does that mean it’s a lie?


You will never know the real me

Unless you choose to take part

In the inner beauty

Where it ends and where it starts


Luckily for you

I want to show you the signs

Of what is not me

But a part of my design


 I can not be defined by the

Religion I may keep

 Or by the house I live in

Or the shoes upon my feet


You can not believe that

In only one day

That you know all there is to know

When there is so much to say


I am divine love

I am inner peace

I am my own path

And the truth that I seek


I am loved by God

And His path is mine too

So everyday I will say

How much He loves you too


I am every color of the rainbow

Not just a tone of my skin

And while you may think you know me

 You can not ignore what is within


Within my earthly body

Beyond the flash of my smile

I will guide you toward God

And ask that you stay for a while


If you desire to know me

As I want to know you

Stop pointing fingers

In all you say and do


Remember to love your neighbor

No matter who they may be

And appreciate your differences

Or the similarities you may see


The definition of whom

I have always been

Is not found on the outside

But the woman within



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