Anything the light touches

Everything known to man

It all started

When your heart reached for my hand



My reason for smiling

The first thought of every day

Is how very much I love you

And it grows in every way



So blessed I have become

In simply knowing your name

And while I met beautiful people

On my path along the way



It feels like my life’s first breath

Began with that first hello

I felt you so deep

In ways you may never know



And if I ever fail

To make you feel divine

Know that I have your heart

As you have always had mine



You are my live unimagined

My wide awake best dream

My heart, my soul

You are my everything


On this unspecific day

In this non-particular note

You have become the best seller

Of the best story I never wrote



So when I raise my hand to God

With thanks for all he has done

No matter what else follows

You are always my number one



The number one reason

Our love is so refined

The number one reason

Each day is so sublime



The most amazing gift

I could have ever received

Giving me more love

Than a fantasy yet conceived



You are my purple spirit

You have become my shining light

Helping me stay focused

Whether during midday or still of night



I love you more every day

And thankful for whom you are

For such love is rarely known
Except amongst the stars



So my prince charming

I never needed a white horse

Because God walks beside us

And keeps us always on our course