My Mansion Far Above


I heard you crying

So I came right away

As I do daily

Usually to watch you play


Your eyes are filled with sadness

I saw you blink as a tear fell

I know the heaviness of your heart

But I’m here to say…all is well


I’m watching over you today

Like I have since your birth

And I am here to tell you

They do not realize your worth


But you must never let

Their ideas come to light

You are a child of God

Therefore a beauty in His sight


Let them judge your being

Those who are sad themselves

They will never know your path

And may never have your wealth


Because your wealth is not riches

At least not what they may find

But it is in your loving peace

Your inner light always shines


Please wipe away your tear my child

And always find your smile

You carry the TRUTH and the way

It is they who have been lost for a while


They have forgotten to remember

That all comes through ME

Sometimes life makes things clouded

But the light allows you to see


I will always watch over

My children…every one

And give them all my love

And when my work is done


They choose to live in darkness

Or they select to bask in My light

And what ever they may choose

I will keep them in my sight


For it is not the likes of you

Which makes your Father cry

But the ones who make the choice

To reject my mansion in the sky


But tomorrow again I will watch

And hope they will see My light

So I can embrace them

Knowing all is well throughout the night


I have watched you pray for hours

For those who seem to have less

I have seen you cry their tears

When they feel they have nothing left


I love you for your spirit

And your untainted soul

And your reward for this

Is a path paved in gold


Pray for the lost souls

Who are haunted in their sleep

Because of their lack of faith

And divine promise they failed to keep


Wish them peace and blessings

They need you…but cannot see

You are their path I have chosen

And you are bringing them to me


Remind them that they are loved

Even when they are walking away

Tell them God loves them

Even when they do not pray


Be kind to them my child

It is they who need love

And I will be watching

From my mansion far above