I Have a Dream Too


I also have a dream

That one day you will look at me

And accept me for whom and what I am

And not who you need me to be


I dream of a time when

I will be good enough too

And the world will see us as equals

I will be seen as good as you


The color of my skin

And the texture of my hair

My home land of origin

And the clothes I choose to wear


Will not determine my value

In your eyes

And you will not predetermine

Or start to surmise


The value of my character

The intention of my soul

Because they cannot be determined

By what you have been told


I dream also of a day when

A boy and a girl alike

Can play together joyously

No matter how dark no matter how light


There will be no fear of racism

Or profiling of those unlike us

Because we all would have realized

It is wrong and unjust


I pray that the deaths of Dr. King

And those like

Him will not be in vain…and

We can all unite


As brothers and sisters under God

Joined with one common deed

To love and embrace one another

And somehow we can find peace


So this is the reminder

That I am sending to you

I also have hope and faith in God

And I have a dream too