One day

Once blue skies filled with dark clouds

Birds struggling to fly

Blue waters of the oceans polluted

And we stop and wonder why


Cans laying along the roadsides

Factories running all night

Not even a Native American crying

Made everything alright


And when my daughter asks me

Why the glaciers are starting to melt

I tell her because man is careless

Thinking what a poor hand she was dealt


Starving children in Somalia

With little water there to drink

And we stand on the outside watching

Not knowing what to think


I mean is it really our problem

What is happening to them?

Or is it Gods will to kill

Innocent women and men?


Take away a few forests

What harm can that do?

It’s not like I live in a tree

Why does it bother you?


A hole in our ozone layer

Like a slow leak in a balloon

Exposure to gases and dangerous sun rays

Are problems but only a few


Large company vessels spilling oil

Into our oceans far and wide

Destroying aquatic creatures

We are killing everything… she cried



People all over the world are dying

War is in the air

Plants and animals are disappearing

Why doesn’t anyone care?


Every time I mention

Our world and this plight

All the adults say is…

Everything will be alright


But I see no plan

No way to make it better…they admit

But if you cant fix things

Can you at least stop breaking it?


They say it’s not the end of the world

Everything will be okay

But really…it’s what you plan to do

…not what you say


So she hailed in a voice so strong

It made my heart swell

I will not stop until things are better

Even if I have to yell


This is not what God had planned

When He created us one and all

We were supposed to love each other

Regardless of how big or small


Every tree that is cut down

Is another creatures home

And they can’t check into a hotel

They have no one they can phone


It is up to us to step up

And stand up for the cause

Too many things are going wrong

And after a brief pause


She stood up and looked at me

And said I will ask God too

I know He will have the answer

He will know what I can do


Because there is no doubt

Of the beauty in His sight

He will help to fix the problems

And make everything alright


He will help me tell others

To stop killing His earth

And remember we are all one

And we all have great worth


I can not remember being more proud

Of my angel than on that day

Because I knew she wouldn’t rest

Until she had found a way


So in keeping up my special promise

To take a step and do my part

I will ask each and everyone

To do what is right…look within your heart


Treat each other with kindness

Do not tear each other down

Love one another always

And enjoy the peace you have found


Be loving to your environment

Stop destroying what He has made

Maybe we can make up for our sins

And He will forgive us one day




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~~ From my heart to yours