You met on that beautiful night
your heart ran away
Promises of “I’ll love you forever’s”
And “I’ll never go away”

Butterflies in your stomach
Desires running so deep
This must be what God wants for me
He satisfied your deepest need

But moments turned to days
Days turned into years
Suddenly everything you wanted
Became your deepest fear

Conversational smiles over breakfast
Turn into barely looking at me
We are no longer in love
But strangers with memories

How did it go wrong?
When did it go awry?
No midday phone calls
And again today I cried

We pass each other everyday
With barely so much as a “hello”
We are dying inside
Yet still can’t let each other go

Once a home of life
A dream still untold
But a house of cards
And doors begin to close

Not knowing where to turn
I reach up for the sky
Crying out in prayer
I don’t understand…please tell me why

There was the worst silence
I ever in my life heard
Not a sound did I experience
Not a single little word

As a tear of desperation fell
When I knew I was alone
I heard a sobering voice
“Tell me what seed you have sown”

You only bring me to your life
When you have had enough
Even though I gave you all the tools
From my garden of divine love

You never mention me in life
Unless your heart starts to break
Do you see how the silence
Can be more than anyone can take?

Do you not understand?
All things must come through me
It isn’t about you
Or whatever you think you may need

The love I send to you is a gift
Not something that you are owed
It is the beginning of bigger love
The seed you are supposed to sow

But when you walk through life
As if your love us enough
I’m telling you it is
But only if it’s replenished from above

You may have known love
As beautiful as a rose
But you cannot contain anything
And not allow it to grow

And my child the only growth
I wish you could see
Comes from replenishing it
All must come through me

So rest your weary heart
Remove it from your mind
I will replenish your love
And that of all mankind

Before life gets overwhelming
And you begin to lose your way
Remember the blessings of your life
And fall to your knees to pray

~~ From my heart to yours