A Letter To Me

Just a letter to me

To remind me today

To give thanks for the blessings

God has brought my way

Thank you for the first breath

I took this morn

And have ever been thankful

Since the day I was born

Thank you for the sunrise

Or thanks for the chill

Whatever the weather

I submit to your will

Thank you for the love

You have supplied in my days

I cannot tell you how it’s helped

In so many ways

I may be undeserving

Of all you bestow

But I would be remiss

In not telling you so

Thank you for your forgiveness

And your loving way

This is shown in your beauty

Every single day

In a simple rose

Whose scent is so sweet

In a strangers smile

I met on the street

In the young man

Holding open the door

In the sound of a Lark

And so much more

Thank you for giving me

A new chance everyday

To begin life again

In a unique way

And forgive us Father

If we fall short along the way

I ask this of you

Falling to my knees to pray

Remind me again to smile

And shine your divine light

So I can deliver your love

On lives which seem less bright

Give me the strength to go on

And rise up to your call

And bring peace and joy

To your children one and all

Keep showing us always

The path for our souls

As the treasures of your Kingdom

Begin to unfold

And one day soon it will

Begin to become clear

Of the purpose of life

As you bring us near

Whatever the lesson

Whatever the task

Your guidance and love

Is all I shall ask

From the start of my day

Till the end of the night

I am thankful for the wisdom

And keen insight

In closing my letter to myself

A note I need to heed

Love and forgiveness is yours

We just need to believe