Words can feel like moon beams

On a cloudy day

Or they can destroy the hopes of man

Depending on what we say

They can lift our hearts

Like balloons flying high

Or they can bury our dreams

While all we can do is cry

Words can start wars

Over a simple boundary line

Our give us peace and love

From our Creator so divine

They can tear at our souls

Like a rabid animal at war

Or they can remind us about

The reason we were created for

Words can make the difference

In whether we win or lose

They can be used for good or bad

On that we get to choose

Words can build mountains

Or they can tear them down

They can even make us glad

That we chose to stick around

Words give us communication

And a way to wash away angst

We can use them to emit love

We use them to give thanks

As long as we remember

The words we select to say

Can destroy someone’s hopes

Or brighten up their day

We should use our words as

Stepping stones for greater things

To remind those around us

Of the hope a word can bring

It isn’t just four lettered words

Which diminishes our light

But words like hatred…indifference

Which make our world less bright

So sing the praises of our ancestors

And other wise light seeking beings

To help us to stay focused

On the beauty of all living things

Sing about love and passion

Of the world above and right here

So when our children hear the melody

They will know God is near