Love is around us

Love is the way

It’s not a date on a calendar

Called Valentine’s Day

It’s a state of being

It’s a way to our Father

It’s not buying cards and flowers

Or reminding each other

Of what we should

Already know

About giving love away

So it finally can grow

We waste so much time

On petty little spats

That we forget where we are going

And where we are at

But if we cherish each moment

We are given on this earth

We would never need to remind

Our loved ones of their worth

It only takes a second

To reach out for her hand

A smile during hard times

Tells her you understand

These small gestures

To some may seem like a waste

But a simple I love you

Beats harsh words said in haste

Remind the people you adore

Their importance in your days

It can be done all the time

In so many ways

Take her hand while you are walking

Touch her cheek when she cries

Hold her close to your heart

To make her realize

That not a moment goes by

With your love so divine

That you need reminding

Of your true Valentine