Why do we live as if tomorrow

Is an unspoken promise…a given as it were

Something we will always have

A thing which is definite…something for sure

Have we not learned by now

That every day is a gift not yet received

And no matter what we think

Or have been led to believe

We are all undeserving

Of the blessings we have now

Yet we live our lives

As if somehow

We have endless time

Moments left to spare

As if they are kept in a bank

Or safe vault somewhere

We can pray tomorrow

We can give thanks then

I’ll call my mom in a few days

I’ll touch base with a friend

But what happens when tomorrow

Just doesn’t arrive

And all we are left with

Are the memories in our life

What happens when there is no possibility

Of getting a call

Because the loves of our life have left us

After all

We are only human

And our sand slips away

Through the hour glass of life

And no matter what we say

We can not turn back

The ticking clock of fate

Because it’s run out of time

And it’s too late

There will be no new memories

And no new stories to tell

No familiar voice of concern

Wishing you well

So while you are busy

And can’t find the time for a call

Remember that time

Still ticks for us all

Appreciate what you have

And live in this way

Like this moment is the first

Your very first day

And tell the people in your life

You love them very much

And try not to make…things

More important than your touch

There will be other jobs

And objectives you can find

The rewards of these things

Are all in your mind

But we can not replace

True love’s kiss

And if you are not careful

You might miss

Out on what is intended for your life

The greatest and truest love

That which comes from our Father

Gazing from above

Call your family today

Laugh with your child

Be rest assured

Life is worthwhile

But it is what you make it

And I pray that you see

You are leaving footprints on their hearts

For all eternity