God’s Holy Light

Do you think my eyes tell you?

All there really is to know

Do you make assumptions about my life?

Before first asking me so?

What means of measure do we use

To decide a persons value in our eyes

And if my hair color comes from a box

What am I trying to disguise

If I do not disclose my true weight

Does that mean that my soul is more lean

Or perhaps our judgment system

Has just become a little bit obscene

If I am homeless…heated only by a fire

Burning in an open can

Does that make you better than me?

Or make me less of a man

Or perhaps you think your bank account

Will make your words have weight

And perhaps…even you…

Believe the lies that you create

For you see within my soul

Lives the story of God untold

And that cannot be purchased

With any diamonds or gold

The monetary value we place on life

Will guarantee us nothing but a mirage

After all we can’t get to heaven

By driving what’s parked in the garage

Your new hairstyle…while very cute

Does not pay homage to our King

Neither does thinking that

You are better than anyone or anything

The color of my hair and eyes

Do not tell you what you need to know

Anymore than watering a plant with sand

Will encourage the seedling to grow

Ask me about my Lord and

The promises to Him I keep

Then you won’t guess but know

That my love…it runs deep

Ask me about my path and how

I face adversity when it comes

I will tell you…with my faith in God

My feet firmly planted…facing toward the sun

I challenge anyone…anything

And when it’s given all it’s got

I will tell that mountain to get out of my way

Because the love of God…I’ve got

When we challenge the value of anyone

We are challenging God and all His glory

And the wrath of God is steep

You know…you’ve read all the stories

So I’m saying to you be cautious

And when you talk of others be bright

Because you must look beneath the layers

To see people with God’s Holy Light