A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

A dream is a wish your heart makes
Because the heart doesn’t yet know
Of the people and obstacles
Which don’t allow hope to grow

So during our slumber at night
While the whole world is at rest
Our hopes and dreams imagine
Putting our limits to the test

Some dream of larger houses
Some people dream of fame
Some dream of a different life
Never to feel pain again

In our dreams we can attain
Goals we have never met
We can even create our
Ideal panoramic sunset

The heart idyllic has no bars
Therefore doesn’t understand no
But only the “where’s” and “when’s”
No one saying I told you so

On days where we ponder wondering
What allows our hearts dare trod
Wonder no more…for encased
In your heart…that is God

He allows us to dream in living color
He gives us the tools for our success
It is only our fear of failure
Allowing us to forget we are blessed

When we allow our souls to be touched
By anything but the love of Him
It is only then that our dreams
Become battles that we can’t win

A dream is a wish our hearts make
God always allows it to be
Hope for the things we want
As God is our deepest need

Dare dream the outlandish
Become something as large as a king
Or something simple as a flower blooming
And the smile that can bring

For a dream knows no restriction
God is its Heavenly guard
For the hope for our future is as simple
As a wish made from your heart