Gone Too Soon

Another life we wasted
Another soul lifted up
When will we decide
Enough is enough

Never to graduate high school
Never to marry a wife
No more memories created
Someone stole his life

Another parent mourning
Another memorial set
Why do we only celebrate life
When there has been a death

Death is permanent movement
It cannot be apologized away
No matter what we will do
No matter what anyone will say

A young life shot down
We can all speculate why
We feel the pain of it all
As we start to cry

Another child unprotected
Took his last breath
A loved child of God
Yes we loved him til death

Embrace your children now
Let not a moment pass
Our time is ticking
And simply goes too fast

Don’t allow a funeral to be
What brings loved ones together
For when they are gone to soon
They are lost to us forever