Do not confuse what I say
When I speak of divine light
It’s not about being black
It’s not about being white

It’s about knowledge of God
Not about racial unrest
For try as we may
We still fail to do our best

We may make excuses for
The differences we do share
But when did that have to be
The reason we don’t care

After all I didn’t decide
The tone of my skin
Was more important than
The woman I am within

How can a predetermined factor
Tell you how dangerous I can be
If I was a different race
Wouldn’t I still be me?

I don’t know when my skin
Became more important than my soul
But if you get hung up on it
You’ll miss more than you know

Light is about our Creator
Not about good nor bad
It’s about the blessings
The greatest gifts we’ve ever had

It’s the reason we were sent here
Not the thing that we see
It’s why we were chosen
Why we were meant to be

Light is about the path
Our own predestined way
It’s about the time we spend
Each and every day

Do we spend it wisely
Or do we waste it to death
Can we love one another
Or am I wasting my breath?

Because my hopes for man are high
I believe the violence can end
When you stop looking for my faults
And accept me as a friend

For everywhere the light touches
All places every where else
Is where God …he lives
We need to remind ourselves

Children are God’s gift
Yet we cast them aside
We bury them too soon
Today another died

Our women are battered
Victims of a loved ones abuse
How can she ever heal
It’s her heart that’s been bruised

Give God’s love with purpose
Whether it be day or night
Fill hearts with the warmth
Found in our Savior’s light