God Will Speak Through You

When we seek peace

It’s not just of the mind

It’s all that is around us

…every proof of life we find

It’s the unimagined truth

Which balances us all

It’s the force which holds us steady

Or we will surely fall

Peace is not found in silence

…our biting of our tongue

Its found in lovers debating

…in the cries of the very young

It’s clearing the air so to speak

…in a time of despair

It’s showing love in all ways

…it’s how we know we care

It can be found in disagreement

…as well as in our smiles

For silence can still breed unrest

Which spans across the miles

Controversy can be peaceful

It can begin to clear the air

It can help us mend bridges

When we treat other beings fair

It isn’t about falsely agreeing

Nodding as if we do agree

But about loving enough to listen

Wanting each other to see

For God fully expects

The trials we will obtain

Knowing if we follow His love

We will live to argue again

Search for peace always I say

It’s important to our destination

But never discount the love of God

In spite of our aggravation

Let God live through your words

Let your actions be always true

And peace will thrive again

As God will speak through you