National Day of Hope

Hope is an inescapable driving force

It helps create a dream

It teaches us answers to questions

Lifts our self esteem

So I ask you today to give another a reason

to wake up…to dream…to live

Often blessings are not found in what we receive

But indeed that in which we give

Hope can spring eternal

Permission to dare to move forward

Remind us of the possibilities

That we can all move toward

Give our children a reason to arise

To hold their heads up high

Give them strength to face the unknown

Their hearts aiming for the sky

For when we place effort

In the lives of little minds

Our blessings would double

Mere words could not define

When we start giving permission

To think outside of self

We gain the prize possession

Of our spiritual wealth

Give a gift today…one you always had

Dangling on a divine rope

Love a child and do it often

On our National Day of Hope