I Do Pray

I watched your eyes today

Closely on the screen

I saw a child that we lost

I understand what that means

I wonder if we needed

To see your innocent look

So we could justify the anger

Over a life someone took

Did we need you to be a choir boy

Instead of a kid running the streets

Oh the implications we make

Of people we never meet

If you were in a gang war

Would your loss seem easier to us

Did we need to see your innocence

In order to justify the fuss

Did we need to make him look

Evil…a perpetrator as it were

So we could see him as vile

We could all seem more sure

But alas, we may never know

Who either were at that time

Only that a life was taken

It definitely was a crime

A crime against humanity

A crime against the truth

An altercation once again

Has stolen another youth

As for my part in this

I will sing the very same song

We have created nothing

And killing is always wrong

We can not justify the reasons

Or clarify the cause

If only we had taken a moment

To take a breath…to briefly pause

The world might not have swallowed

Another child this way

A funeral…a memorial

Lets bow our heads to pray

Father please forgive us for thinking

Any reason would be okay

To take a child’s last breath

Leaving a country in dismay

We have stopped looking for our Savior

No matter what the case

We have made it about hatred

We have made it about race

We failed to listen to your lessons

Love your fellow man

Be forgiving of your neighbors

As often as you can

And as a final result of this

Another young man makes no sound

Only the sobbing of a mother

Putting him in the ground

Forgive us Heavenly Father

We know not what we do

We were so busy playing God

We failed to look to you

Help us heal past the heartache

Show us the err of our way

So we can do better tomorrow

On my knees I do pray

**There are far too many children that end up this way…the victims of  violence. We must take a stand**

In doing our part, we are donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc