You Will Always Have Me

God is good…

I know this is true

For through all the storms

He was saving me for you

He guided me toward shelter

My umbrella from the storm

He held me safe throughout the night

Until daylight was reborn

He calmed my internal war

Where hope was harder to find

He soothed my heart

By gently easing my mind

He helped me rise to every occasion

Armed me with the Truth

Warding off the evils of man

No way I could lose

Although there were times

My faith was tested to an extreme

I knew it was only a part

Of what was planned for me

I fell many times but

I always got back up

Even in lonely times

I always had His love

I know God is good because

I am here today with you

Relaying His message of love

And the great things it can do

For even while I felt broken hearted

When people let me down

He took the pain away

He wore it like a crown

So because He has been so good

An active part of my every day

I wanted to take a moment

To tell you in this way

The beauty of creation

Can’t be found in a perfect scene

But found in the love of God

And all that it means

For every breath of my life

Every break of dawn

Is further proof that

Hate is wrong

For nothing ever grew from

Taking sunshine away

But we can move mountains

Tell it to get out of your way

Find love and give it often

Watch your planted seed grow

And the experience of it all

Will begin to slowly show

For the Grace of our God

With His goodness and light

Will arm you with all weapons you need

To win this fight

So tonight I give you my umbrella

My shelter in the rain

May God provide and protect you

From evil and dismay

And if evil sneaks in now

It is still as it should be

For we will always have God

And you will always have me