Find Humility

Another sweet child

We laid to rest

Humanity escaping

Another failed test

Failing to reach out

Failing to lift up

Another coffin

We helped to seal shut

Bruises …a reminder

Of the evils men do

Another crack

A child has fallen through

Only six years old

The violence we eject

Taken by a parent

Was supposed to protect

No excuse will do

It can not be made right

One less child of God

Will breath again tonight

IN after thought I know

This child is better today

No more possibility of abuse

Like ones from yesterday

Still I wiped away a tear

It fell from my eye

Could say I understand

But that would be a lie

Wasn’t wearing a hoodie

Not carrying a bag of skittles

Another unjustifiable killing

Of a soul…so little

Just violence that’s all

I don’t really care why

The hate we emit

Can no longer be denied

Another last breath taken

A life stolen in haste

Any regrets that are felt

Now seem in bad taste

After the smoke clears

The fire has burned out

All that is left is…why

Why did it come about?

Children are not little adults

Silence is not peace

Oh the sins we commit

Promises we don’t keep

When a stranger kills a child

They didn’t know them…we feel bad

But what can we say

When the murderer is their dad?

Can we say it was about race

Being outside when it was late

We didn’t know their intention?

NO…this was just about hate

Hatred of self

Hatred of the divine

The idea of alibi’s

Is all in your mind

I pray God can forgive

The evils of man

But we have to change

Take a firm stand

No matter whose child you touch

In my heart it’s an offense to me

You’re an insult to my God

To my tranquility

Do not raise your arm

To a child any more

You may win that battle

But will lose the war

An offense on a child

Is slapping God in the face

You are killing off

Our human race

Stand on alert

States kill men for less

The tables might be turned

You might be next

Love that child often

Be the being you should be

I pray that God will forgive us

And we find humility

 **I wrote this in memory of Afton Allison…a 6 year old child of God killed by his father…I hope you get to read the article about him**

~RIP Afton