Too Late

Be mindful of their little hearts

They are attached to little ears

We can break down their little hopes

With the harsh things that they hear

What may be a simple debate

Hardly worth arguing for

Becomes something giant to a child

It seems most like a war

Their little bodies tremble

When their balance comes to an end

Those little hearts we break

Become fences we can’t mend

When we take the dreams of a child

Crush it with our ill intent

We become the thieves of hope

Proof of our souls’ dissent

Instead of elevating others

We are busy thinking of me

We turn our backs on our children

Our divine responsibility

If you can say nothing nice

Find something else to say

Go for walks…go for a ride

Get on your knees to pray

Start appreciating what you have

Stop seeking everything else

Those children depend on you

Stop thinking of yourself

Words are like weapons

It’s like shooting them with guns

The effects are long lasting

What have we done?

We are killing our children

One heart at a time

Yet moving about through life

Like everything is fine

Do not bring your children

Into the center of your hell

They will be forever injured

Even if you wish them well

Love is the simplest word

It has the longest effect

It is what God wants

In fact what He expects

We can’t claim victimization

Can’t claim ignorance

We are assaulting our children

Can not claim innocence

Rise to the challenge

Step up to the plate

Before God does His part

And I’m sorry is too late