Diamond In The Rough

There are angels among us

I wanted you to know

They are the feeling saying stop

When we only want to go

It’s the pang of conscience

Urging to do what’s right

It’s the reminder of the day

When we want to hide at night

It’s the proof that we are loved

Even if it’s not what we perceive

It’s God’s love saying…stay

When all we want to do is leave

Have you ever been so angry

Never wanting to ask why

The evils of men stopped

By an innocent baby’s cry

Once I heard a story

Two elderly women being robbed

They told him to take what he wants

Saying…you are loved by God

The man stopped in his tracks

He simply dropped his head

Laid down what he had stolen

Out the door he fled

For those women were his angels

Saying take what you may

But when you leave go with God

What a loving thing to say

We should remind each other often

How we are loved by Him

Loved no matter what we do

It’s who we are within

That man could not do the evil

He started out to do that day

Because those angels he met

God set in his way

If we all just took a moment

Just a passing glance

We would see God’s signs around us

Wouldn’t need a second chance

SO today before you speak

Listen and watch for your sign

Because God wants your eternal life

TO be one that is divine

I will tell you right now

I love you because you are

It is as clear as God’s light

Bright as a shining star

I love each and every one

Of God’s creations for all time

If we hold on to that thought

It’s the greatest treasure we can find

SO the lesson for tonight is simple

Ask for nothing you cannot sow

Cultivate God’s love

And watch your bounty grow

Hard times will fall upon us

Times they will make it tough

Remember you are simply

God’s diamond in the rough