I’ll Pass

Kindly do me a favor

Before this day is done

Take a simple kindness

Thoughtfully pass it on

Pass on the wonders

Of a world gone so bleak

Pass on a hidden strength

To another who is weak

Pass on a smile today

When a frown is all you see

Pass on the gifts

Of our Royal Majesty

Pass on the blessings

We receive every day

Remember there are lives

Who don’t have it that way

Pass on the hope

True salvation brings

Pass on the love

From the King of Kings

Pass on the wonders

Found in a Hummingbird

Pass on a joke

No matter how absurd

Pass on a friendly wave

When another does go past

Pass on a slow reaction

In a world moving too fast

Pass on the joy you hear

Every time a baby cries

Pass on the look of love

Into another’s eyes

Pass on a poem which

Made you smile today

Pass on the love intended on

Pay It Forward Day

**Happy Pay It Forward Day…Peace to you all