World Healing Day

Help me heal the world

One soul at a time

It really is so simple

I can even make it rhyme

Give love every day

It’s a bandage on our hearts

We are stronger when joined

Than when we are apart

Rinse clean our souls

Make everything brand new

Gently touch the lives of men

In everything you do

Start healing from within

Release all of the hate

We can start doing better today

It is not too late

Heal your next door neighbor

By simply changing your tone

It’s a slow progression

To the greatest love we’ve ever known

Heal by now stopping

With evil we always lose

Stepping on the broken

By all forms of abuse

We strike out in anger

To God’s angels in our path

As if they are responsible

For the massive ego wrath

Heal my friends I beg you

Make today a fresh new one

Where we make amends

For all the damage we have done

Shine God’s light daily

Use your beautiful smile

Give someone the hope

They haven’t seen in a while

Heal our Lord’s world

Pay homage to our King

By spreading His eternal love

And the hope that can bring

Heal our world today

Remember who you are

Bring kindness to each other

No matter near or far

All change takes time

Baby steps are a beginning

For if we keep up this pace

We should fear the ending

I wish you the very best

On World Healing Day

If we base it on God’s love

He will pave our way