Every Day

I know you are struggling

Sometimes life seems so unfair

And while I don’t know what it’s like

It doesn’t mean that I don’t care

I would remove all your pain

I would dry every last tear

If it made your journey easier

Or changed what brought you here

I know when we are moving

Our focus is on the end

Never knowing…not realizing

What is around the bend

More urgent than the destination

Are those we touched along the trail

Making the lesson about courage…strength

Not how we might have failed

For failure is not an option

You took whatever hand was dealt

Pressed forward…moved onward

No matter what you felt

There is true strength in your spirit

While you may wish you were more

I tell you you’re my hero

No matter what’s in store

Our Creator has set aside

A specific need for you

Maybe in something you will say

Or something you may do

Perhaps you lend your strong will

To one tired of holding on

One who would have let go

Before the day was done

What happened was traumatic

A terrible offense

But the good you can do

Will begin to make sense

Teach others of your struggle

Tell them they are not alone

Show them by example

How very much you’ve grown

For life is sometimes not fair

Not what we thought it would be

Thought we had it planned out

As far as the eye could see

But the goals of man are in vain

God has chartered our course

No time for self pity

No room for remorse

For all is as it would be

According to our Great Lord

The cost of our ego’s

Can be more than we can afford

So while you may struggle

On your path along the way

Remember I will be here

Loving you every day