An Angel’s Touch

A single gentle touch

Wiping a single tear from a cheek

Can undo the evils she felt

In a world gone so bleak

Why do we steer clear from

Those we know that are hurt

Healing can begin with

Every attempt we exert

I often wonder what we are thinking

When we are careful not to brush a hand

Pulling away so quickly

Why do we fail to understand

When we touch their hands

It’s like a heart that we touch

A small intimate gesture

That can mean so much

We may not understand why

She takes complete blame

Her world became tainted

Never to be the same

The world will never glance towards her

Seeing the same angelic face

At least in her mind

Something darker is in its place

No, she did nothing wrong

And while it’s obvious to us

It’s oblivious to her

Who we fail to gently touch

We can touch her with our eyes

Touch her with our hearts

Touch her with our love

Where she will always be a part

Of our lives forever…so

When she’s placing blame in her head

Let her find our thoughtful gestures

Of touch for her instead

Remind her of her beauty


Remind of her goodness

A God send…refined

Don’t steer away from her

Because you think it may be too much

Surround her with God’s love

And an angel’s touch