The Lesson of Hope

What are the lessons I am teaching

While hanging on the end of your rope?

With God all things are possible

For He provides replenishing hope

Don’t feed the internal wolf

Of negativity and despair

For since the beginning of the beginning

It has always been there

But remember my loved ones

Even whilst dangling from a thread

We are holding on to the Truth

We were molded from instead

Hope can seem out of fashion

Can seem out of date

But it’s the age old Truth

It is never too late

Never too late to love one another

Never too late to make amends

Never too late to embrace an enemy

Making a place for new friends

I give you hope on these visits

For it is my destiny

To reopen your beautiful hearts

To the possibility

Life can run you over

It can shatter your dreams

Can make God more like a myth

Or so it may seem

But adversity is not an enemy

It actually can deter

The evils sent to destroy us

Make us weaker…as it were

Problems make us seek direction

Seeking solutions we didn’t see

Showing us the beauty of God

How He created humanity

Yes, I know we can feel broken

Deserted…with every issue thrown

But no matter what we may think

We are not alone

Hope is a reminder

Of all which we’ve been given

With God as our compass

Doesn’t matter where we were driven

All roads lead to home

The pathway is lit with God’s love

For home isn’t a house

But His mansion far above

So the lesson again is hope

Please never let it escape you

For I will need you to pass it on

To someone who needs it too

Until next time beloveds

I wish your hearts much ease

Go with God’s abundant blessings

And His eternal peace