Abundant Peace

There have been those who have doubted

My call to uplift man

Those who may not choose to

Or want not to understand

I’m not saying those who are suffering

Are less important than me

But more about the part we play

In our humanity

Why do we just sit and watch

Children starving to death

Look in awe all the while

People take their last breaths

We will say it’s far away

What really can I do

I say…how did you help

Those in front of you

They may not look the same

As those dying far away

But they are suffering…

How many did you pass today

How many homeless people

Did you turn your sight from

Hoping that on the way home

That eyesore would be gone

How many screams have you heard

Praying it would stop

Yet when you hear about their demise

You had the nerve to be shocked

How many more kids must die

At the hands of a gun

How many more will fall

Before this day is done

How many more coffins

Will lay premature in the ground

How many lives will be lost

While just trying to be found

How many hands could we hold

To say I am here for you

How it would put a heart at ease

The right thing for us to do

How many times have we wondered

What if I had done that thing

Could it have made a difference

With the love it would bring

How many times can we afford

To live a life full of regret

I can tell you …a long time

If we allow ourselves to forget

If we forget that we all are children

Under Our Creator so great

And every time we allow it

It’s His heart that we break

For our purpose, I promise

Is not to turn away

From the plights of man

What he’s faced with today

But to lift him up to the Heavens

To stop indifference and then

Remind him that we have humanity

So we can start loving again

Shower your down and out brother

Give him a shoulder to lean

Remind him of God’s love

And all that it means

For when we start that cycle

The wars can finally cease

And we can finally get back to God

Living in abundant peace