We Try

The girl dropped to her knees

Like she had most every day

Father I have a question

Wanted to ask it in this way

Wouldn’t it just be easier

Given you know our true path

If you just told us what to do

So we wouldn’t fail in our task

One quiet whisper of a breeze

Softly spoke into her ear

On this one instance…one time

I will tell you this my dear


I’ve given you all the tools you need

To figure things in life out

But I will tell you the true path

So you will know without doubt


You are all destined for greatness

The only fork in the road

Comes up when you want to

Reap more than you have sown


You are supposed to be kind to others

As you would have them be to you

You would love your fellow man

Only a few things you should do


Look over my sweet children

They are tender in their heart

Stop using your anger to violate

And tear their worlds apart


Don’t over look the homeless

They are there for a reason

Don’t just acknowledge their presence

During holiday season


Whether homeless or not

Their lives…they matter too

Remember it is not what you say

It is what you do

Have you ever conversed

With someone in the park

Wondered where they will sleep

When everything gets dark


Can you imagine a park bench

Not a comfy bed

Or do you push it out of your mind

To brighter thoughts instead


These are the things I watch

Over you for

Are you opening your hearts

Or slamming shut doors


What could you do better you ask

I’ll tell you again now

Every day when you awake

Make it better somehow


Be thankful for your first breath

Stop living a life in greed

Think of self with your mind

It’s your heart others need


Stop the cycle of violence

It must come to an end

Stop racking up enemies

Who could be your friends


What is your path you ask

Give love its what it’s for

And when that task is done

Give them love some more


For when you are spreading my news

Of love…hope and joy

You are delivering a message

That they cannot avoid

For through the love of God

There is no mountain they can’t climb

The forks in their road

Are all a state of mind


For I love you my child

When you do your very best

And I watch over you lovingly

Every night when you rest


It is at that moment I realized

What the whisper meant to me

An attempt to do better

Opened a worlds possibility

I don’t know if it was God

Who spoke to me that way

But I’m thankful for the love

He sent down to me that day

My prayer for humanity is simple

On this we always can rely

We may fall short sometimes

But it’s important that we try