Love Will Always Last

Time all too often wasted

Words of cruel intent

Take away the royal beauty

That could have been spent

Instead of gazing down upon

Another for what ever cause

We could’ve out reached our hand

Led them closer to God

Or perhaps it is not them, but us

Who should be searching for Him

For if we are looking down on man

We should probably start within

For there never was a prophet

Or a single messenger one

Who knew the out come

Prior to God’s work being done

No single being knew who

Was greater in their being

Yet we feel we have rights

To so many more things

But how would one know

The true meaning of my path

For you know not of my spirit

Therefore none of my past

For the past isn’t measured

By the things I have done

But by the lands my people

Walked across…wars they have won

So how can one measure

The piety of my soul

When my ancestors…ancestors

You didn’t even know

True I do not know yours

Making my claim more real

For love of our Creator is given

Not a thing you must steal

I am who I am always

You know what you know

It is these truths which will bind us

In fact how we will grow

For I have no need to control you

Follow your truest heart’s beat

And I will meet you half way

When our path ways do meet

For my brothers and sisters

May not look anything like me

We may not share accents

Or actual heredity

But we have one single foundation

It binds us not by nation

But by the love of God

We are all of His creation

We share a great past no matter

What else has happened before

Based on truth…peace and love

The center of God’s core

So release your inner demons

Hold not onto the dark damp place

For the only group that matters here

Is God’s human race

Let go of what you perceived

As an assault on your past

For all that matters is love

And God’s love will always last