Happy Daddy’s Day

This is not for the father’s

Only for Daddy’s one and all

If you do not know the difference

It is not one that is small

Daddy’s are the ones who

Will never go far away

They put their families first

Actually make time to play

Daddy’s set by example who

Their sons should aim to be

They teach their daughter’s respect

Family is more than responsibility

Daddy’s not father’s…remember

Those important school events

Never leaving a child to wonder

Where their Daddy went

Daddy’s never let a tear dry

When it falls down his child’s cheek

They teach girls it’s ok to be strong

And boy’s its okay to feel weak

Daddy’s love their children

And tell them every single day

They don’t leave their children

To wonder why Daddy went away

So to you REAL Daddy’s out there

A huge thank you from us all

You have made us feel great

Even when we were very small

So Happy Daddy’s Day to you

You are a dying breed

But today we will celebrate

You are a hero indeed