The streets were crowded

People randomly shouting

But a voice which seemed softer

Had more people crowding

There were shouts made in anger

One said…I’m glad it’s not the time of Jesus

The crowd agreed…a small girl stepped up

And what makes you think …he’s not one of us

What makes you seem so sure

He was not the boy that got shot

Or the homeless man with the sign

The abused girl getting hit a lot

What makes us so smug now

That we couldn’t even agree

That God could even look like

The kid trying to save a tree

She walked as she spoke

Making sure to touch our hands

Even though we have read the stories

We still fail to understand

Jesus didn’t have a glow over his head

He wasn’t accepted or adorned

Not in the beginning…or the end

Proved by a crown made of thorns

He simply spoke about peace

Some people listened…others did not

Even those who were close to him

Even those…they forgot

He was not a rich man

A carpenter…who just roamed

Often no food to eat

Never really had a home

Let’s say He is here amongst us

Even if just in fun

Today if that was Jesus

You would call him a bum

You would make fun of his plight

You would kick him when he fell

You would judge and belittle Him

The obscenities you would yell

You would not fall to your knees

Nor would you even ask his name

You call yourself faithful

We should all be ashamed

For even if the Lord is not walking

Along side of us today

We learned nothing from the past

It’s why we live this way

We point fingers and belittle

Those we fail to understand

We are so filled with self

We rarely reach out our hands

Remember the story we were told

About the young woman being stoned

Those men picked up rocks

They wouldn’t leave her alone

Jesus spoke above their banter

They were having actual fun

Jesus said…you without sin

May cast the first one

Rocks fell like rain at that moment

They all walked away

But how many of us

Lead by example like this today

How often do you say to others

Judge not lest you be judged

The crowd grew deadly quiet

Could see not one person budge

Fear not judgment upon death

The girl said humbly and clear

For if you live a life of love now

You would have nothing to fear

In a moment she was gone

No one even saw her leave

Did anyone get her name

But there really was no need

For the message she delivered

Was accepted and known

When amongst all of our feet

Were casted away stones