The Adversity of Angels
Adversity touches us all. It is true that we can have different facets of adversity or challenges; but none the less, without a doubt it will touch us all. There is no way, for instance, that I could write about adversity and not have had my share. Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes; it can last for only a single moment, or it can test us the entirety of our lives.
I can not pretend, to know the specific reasons for everyone’s individual road blocks in life; but there are reasons for all things under the sun and moon.
Recently, I suffered a great loss. Someone that I loved dearly passed away. It was not the first time that I had suffered such a loss; nor would it be the last. However, it was a challenge for me. Someone I loved and counted on died. I am fairly educated; I understand that our bodies were not built to last forever. This experience had me feeling all alone in a world larger than I would ever be. It was difficult to figure out how I would go on from that point on; in my opinion life wasn’t fair.
This got me to thinking about the larger picture; since I know that all things have their reason and season. I began thinking about my statement, “It wasn’t fair”. Fair to whom? Well, fair to me I guessed; then the flood gates opened up. Who am I to decide what is fair and unfair? So I began to unload on the things that I would deem unfair, in general. I don’t think it is fair that my sister died without warning, no one got to say goodbye. It’s at that moment that it hit me; I got to know her. I was blessed in having shared time with her. It really wasn’t about me. It was never about not getting to say good bye; but having the privilege of saying hello.
Adversity will affect all of us, it isn’t personal. The adage that what won’t kill us will only make us stronger, is very true. It may not be fair that a child has to where eye glasses, because inevitably they will be called names at school. However, since there are children that have never had eye sight at all, have never experienced a sunrise or sunset; have never spied the evening star or seen the colors of the rainbow; far sightedness seems to be the lesser of the two evils. Now, in truth, I wish that neither had to happen to anyone; but we all know that it does.
I have a family member who is an amputee; her life will forever be different than it once was. I am sure she doesn’t think that was fair; simply because it’s something she couldn’t control. In her defense though, she takes it in stride; knowing that it was God’s will. But I had a grandfather who could not walk at all. He had a stroke before I was born and he lost the use of his legs. I don’t think it is fair that people have to wear hearing aids or voice boxes; but there are those people who have challenges much larger than that. I don’t think it is fair that people get cancer, diabetes or lupus; but they do. Just because the adversity one has; is different than another does not mean that it serves a different purpose. Adversity challenges us; it gives us strength, we are not defined by an affliction. We can find lessons in all things; we only need to seek it.
I am not suggesting that people that succumb to cancer, diabetes, lupus or any other debilitating illness are weak. Sometimes we must seek the larger picture; it isn’t always easy to do this. As I stated earlier, I have been caught up in the fairness game. I do not think that it is fair that anyone suffers from anything; but it really isn’t my call, or yours.
We have a set path. Our path is unique from anyone else’s; we all may have the same destination, but how we get there can be amazingly different. My path may have more adversity than yours; then again, you may consider adversity renting instead of owning your house. Even in the definition of what we consider to be adverse conditions; we may differ.
Change is good. Change keeps us from getting too comfortable in or own skin. The best way to look at it is like this; things aren’t happening to you…they are happening for you. Your path is being molded everyday and you may have no idea what is in store for you; but your Creator does.
Adversity is an angel…sent by God. God does this to re-align us with our true path. Our plans for our lives are in vain; we plan nothing that is not willed by God. Sometimes God just needs to slow us down; give us a breather. We often just need to take a step back from how we are living to see what we need; in order to fulfill our pre-ordained destiny.
Take a moment today and look back on your life. Take a deep breath…exhale; give thanks for the ability to do so. I am always grateful for being brought here; to this place which has connected us…if only for the minute it took for you to read this. I wish you all peace and love; may your blessings be abundant and your life filled with smiles.