If Not For God

If not for God…

Where would I ever be

Like walking around blind

For God allowed us to see

If not for God…

The many blessings I have received

Would have been overlooked

For God watches over thee

If not for God…

And all His work which has been done

Could have been lost in my grief

The day I lost my dear son

If not for God…

I would have drowned in my own tears

But God kept me whole

Made my purpose crystal clear

It not for God…

My reason for living could be in vain

But He gave me peace and love

Now only that remains

For God gave me purpose

He granted me love for life

And He have me more strength

Making me my soul mates wife

Our love grows deeper

Where only angels dare to trod

Trials have been tested yet failed

Due to my loving God

If not for God…

I could sink into an abyss

But He never gave up on me

It’s why you’re reading this

So if you ever dare wonder

Why I smile when life seems so grim

It’s due to my love of God

Yes…it’s all because of Him

**This poem is dedicated to a very strong woman…whose faith was unwavering even through the loss of not only one but two children**