His Grace

I don’t know what to say

When I see you down below

I know that you feel lonely

Having to let me go

I almost feel guilty

Watching you when you cry

Sad we couldn’t have one more chat

Never saying good bye

And when that faint smile

Comes across your face

Know that God sent it

From the most amazing place

I want you to understand

I had things to say too

Like how you touched my life

How much that I love you

I know it’s hard to find a reason

To start to move ahead

But don’t let guilt or grief

Hold you back instead

Know that I loved you then

As I still do to this day

Sometimes life has to change

God needed it this way

Maybe there was a bridge that you

Were afraid to cross alone

Or maybe we held on too tight

As we were always prone

But whatever cause or reason

The Lord called me here

Know that I will never leave you

My love is always near

For after every thunderstorm

Our Creator shows His love

By bending every color known

From His mansion high above

Please do not cry for your loss

For one truth will always remain

God sent you to me once

He will do it once again

So until we meet at Heavens Gate

Here’s a promise to you

I will never leave your side

No matter what you say or do

We were bonded by blood

Connected by our choice

I am loving you still

Though you cannot hear my voice

When you wake up this morning

Let the smile come across your face

Accept the will of God now

And show the world His grace